Cabinet & Door Warranty


CRS Cabinets (the “Company”) warrants its RTF Doors and Drawer fonts for five (5) years following the date of purchase, against warping, colour fading and de-lamination. There is no warranty on warping for opening over 40” high. Openings with Finger Grooves are warrantied for a three (3) year period only.


Wood Doors and Drawer fonts are warrantied for one (1) year period against splitting and warping. The warranty is only for doors and drawer fronts in an unfinished state and in good condition as originally delivered. Doors wider and/or higher than 40” with one panel are not covered for warping under the warranty.


The Company will at its option repair or replace, without charge, such product if it is found to be defective in the material or workmanship, provided the Company is given an opportunity to make an onsite investigation inspection of any asserted defect within TWENTY (20) days of discovery. The repair or replacement of any products sold under this limited warranty shall not extend the terms of the warranty beyond the original term as set forth above. All repairs that qualify under the limited warranty must be performed by the Company or its designated authorized service agent. This includes reasonable labour charge needed to repair or replace the products covered hereunder.



1. This limited warranty does not cover any damage due to abuse, misuse, neglect, mishandling, acts of god or nature, improper care causing splitting, dents, staining, scratching are not warrantable.

2. Adjusting door hinges, drawer glides, handles or pulls within Thirty (30) days of installation.

3. It does not cover damage due to connecting products such as faucets, sinks, cabinets, existing counter tops, cook tops, appliances, flooring, walls, etc.

4. This warranty does not cover products or services that have not been paid for in full.

5. Physical abuse or damage that is not as a result of a defect in the manufacturing of the material.

6. Failure to maintain the product in accordance with Care & Handling of Products.


Care & Handling of RTF/Prestige Products

RTF doors can be kept looking like new, but proper cleaning material need to be used. To clean RTF doors use Methyl Hydrate, or Soap (no-abrasive) or Denatured Alcohol and water. Use of any other cleaning agent will void the warranty.

Do Not Use:

Any abrasive rubbing material or cleaner, or solvent based cleaning materials such as lacquer thinners or any other products containing acetone. These solvents destroy the acrylic coating and the doors will discolour when exposed to ultra violet rays.


Closeness to Self Cleaning Ovens

Due to extremely high temperatures vented from self-cleaning ovens. It is recommended that filler be installed between an RTF door/drawer front and a self-cleaning oven.


For coverage under this warranty, attach your original contact to this warranty form. The warranty registration number is the contract number assigned by the Company. To obtain service under this warranty, write to the Company from whom you purchased the product and include a copy of the original contract. The Company’s obligation hereunder is limited solely to the repair or replacement of the item, including necessary labour charges of the product purchased hereunder. No implied or express warranty or merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose is granted by the warranty, except as expressly stated herein.  Except as provided herein, the Company shall not be liable in either tort or contract for any loss or direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive damages or any damages other than the repair or replacement of the piece that is found to be defective by the Company during the warranty period arising out of the use or inability to use residential or commercial products hereunder.


This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights: other rights may also be available which may vary from province to province.


This warranty accrues to the original purchaser of the product only and is transferable only if inspected by a Company Representative within 20 days of transfer of ownership; an inspection fee, plus travel charges at the published rate will apply.


Any service shall be performed during normal business hours, and is considered chargeable at the current published rate, unless warrantable as determined by the Company.


Any questions under this warranty should be addressed by the Company.