Cabinet Door Options

Door options fall into three style categories: raised-panel, recessed-panel and slab panels. Panel doors, whether flat or raised, are available in square or many different cathedral or arch styles. Variations include: full, half and inset which creates endless possibilities. Prices will vary depending on the type of material, style, colour and finishes, as described below:

Rigid Thermo-Foil
Rigid Thermo-Foil (RTF) doors are easy-to-clean, durable, and available in many wood-like finishes. Doors are available in a variety of styles including raised panel, cathedral, and arched doors. Thermo foil doors are manufactured using a high density fibre particle base which is shaped by sophisticated CNC routers with cutting edge software technology which continues to provide our Customers with the finest quality thermo-formed finishes available in the industry today.
Wood Veneer
Wood Veneer doors have the look of solid wood but cost less. Made from thin slices of wood and glued onto a core panels made of particle board. The frame is still usually made of solid wood. This process makes a durable, beautiful door, and makes otherwise expensive exotic woods affordable.
Polyester doors are manufactured by attaching a seamless layer of polyester veneer (0.05mm) to both sides of a MDF substrate at fairly high heat. It is extremely durable, fade-resistant and comes in a variety of colors, in both high gloss and matte finishes.

Medium Density Fiberboard
MDF Paintable "Medium Density Fiberboard” doors are manufactured from refined pine and/or eucalyptus chips blended with synthetic resins to produce a versatile material that is so dense, highly resistant to denting, chipping and warping. It has no imperfections, no knots or impurities that alter the appearance of the product over time, making it easy to router and perfect for painting.
Solid Wood
Solid Wood doors are ¾” thick available in Maple, Oak, Cherry and Pine. Rail and stile joints are all glued for superior strength, and designed to accommodate seasonal humidity, ensuring maximum durability over time. The choice of stain colour options is overwhelming.
Mitered Wood
Mitered Wood allows for the wood grain to follow in a continues direction and can be used anywhere you would use a wooden door. Matching materials are available for gables and frames. We also have available matching crown moldings.
Door Designs