Solid Surface Countertop Solutions

Solid Surface countertops are widely used in commercial applications, such as healthcare facilities, retail stores, and hospitality locations, educational and financial institutions, because of the design versatility to create almost any shape, integrate stylish inlays with virtually invisible seams, and edging or colour options that are limitless.


Made of 100% acrylic resins, Solid Surface materials are nonporous, fire-retardant fillers, and proprietary colouring agents that create uniform colour throughout the surface thickness, which makes this product a perfect countertop solution for residential homeowners, interior designers, architects and or builders.

Seams are solid, flush to the surface and moisture resistant. There is no grout to clean, and liquids cannot penetrate the surface.

Undermount sinks are chemically-bonded to the countertop creating a smooth, one-piece look from countertop to sink. There is no caulking, grout lines, lips or recesses to collect bacteria and mould. Add an attractive faucet to complete the look. 




Solid Surface Colour Options

Composed of minerals, acrylic resins, colour options are endless allowing total freedom. While Solid Surface can offer the look of natural stone, the manufacturing process ensures consistency for superior colour matching at installation and in the future when new countertops are required. Schedule a free in-home meeting with one of our Design Consultants to see your colour options. 




Decorative Edge Options

Edges on Solid Surface countertops are formed by fusing two pieces of material together. With solid surface, colour and design matching between pieces is vertually invisible, since the manufacturing process ensures a consistent look and quality. Joints are smooth and very inconspicuous. Since it can be shaped and routed, edge options are nearly limitless. 




Care Instructions

Solid surface does not require sealing or special cleaning products. Soap and water will wipe away most stains. Minor scratches and burns can be buffed away without impacting the look or finish. More serious damage usually can be inconspicuously repaired. Gloss or semi-gloss surfaces may require more care than a matte or satin finish, as well as Darker colours may require more maintenance.





Solid Surface counters come with a 10 year transferrable warranty, that is a great selling feature when selling your home. Warranty includes minor repairs to seams, touching up caulking, and or removing stubborn marks. Our mission is to ensure your solid Surface countertops always look their very best, so the people you know call us when it comes time for a new counter.