Quartz Care

Quartz surfaces are very easy to maintain and are extremely resistant to scratches, chemicals, dulling, and abrasion, but not heat and scratch-proof. Use trivets or hot pads with hot pots and a cutting board when using a knife.

Polished to a high gloss shine, surfaces are also very resistant to staining and do not require sealant or waxes, because the surface is nonporous.

Avoid using bleaches, very strong chemicals and solvents, including paint removers and furniture strippers. Never use any product containing Methylene Chloride or trichlorethane. Additionally avoid products that contain Pine oil. Pine oil leaves a residue that attracts and holds dirt on the surface, diminishing its cleanliness and even its appearance. Likewise do not use abrasive scrubs and/or cleaners with either soft or hard abrasive particles. Although the abrasives will not damage Quartz these products leave a powder residue if not thoroughly rinsed. This residue will be noticeable especially with darker colours.



Use a damp cloth or paper towel, and if necessary, a small amount of non-bleach, nonabrasive cleaner. Although Quartz is quite stain resistant all food and liquid spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible. With the proper care, your quartz surface will stay new-looking for many years to come. Should you notice a mark on your counter top the chart below has been prepared to assist:



For stubborn stains use a non abrasive cleaning pad along with glass/surface cleaner. If materials have adhered to the surface, such as gum, paint, nail-polish, etc. remove by gently scraping the surface with a plastic putty knife. A steel putty knife and or razor may be also used with the appropriate handling precautions. The Quartz surface is much harder than the steel blade itself. Thus with excessive scraping of surface by a steel putty knife or razor the blade may degrade itself and leave a mark on the surface. This kind of mark can usually be removed with a light scrubbing pad.

After removing the material from the spot it may be helpful to treat the area with a cleaner or solvent. Soaking a cloth with the cleaning agent and letting the damp cloth sit on the stain for 5-minutes may be helpful prior to final scrubbing and/or rinsing of the stain.

Quartz countertops are impervious and will keep its radiance without polishing. However, in residential applications occasional polishing can enhance resistance and ease of cleaning. Any commercial granite polishing product may be used.

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