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SmartStone success is built on educating the public on the benefits of a granite overlay process, which is changing the public perception about granite countertops one customer at a time.  


Choosing the Right Granite Countertop Colour for your Kitchen:

Granite countertops come in a wide array of colours, breathtaking patterns and colour variations; from browns to beiges, from blues to blacks, from reds to whites. Each slab differs in hues, flakes, speckles and you get the feel of it only when you see it.


Neutral tones like browns and beiges are the safest bets for countertops. Blacks give the kitchen a classy and elegant look. Some people prefer the busy 'stony' pattern while some like it plain and solid.


At CRS Granite our goal is to help make the right colour selection by taking into consideration the following factors:


  1. Style & Age of your home
  2.  Neighbourhood & Landscaping
  3. Wall & Flooring colours leading to the Kitchen
  4. Furniture & Accessories
  5. Cabinet Colour & Design
  6. Lighting
  7. Size of the Kitchen
  8. Backsplash
  9. Future plans (selling the property or other renovations)


With the right granite countertop, you can transform your kitchen to the one you've always dreamed about. Things might become a little overwhelming because of the choices available, but with a little open mind and professional guidance from CRS Granite, a dream kitchen is possible.


Take a tour of our Before & After videos below to see how a new granite countertop dramatically improves the look of the kitchens we have completed over the years.