Frequently Asked Questions

How is CRS-Granite 7 times stronger than 1 1/4” (3cm) granite?

CRS Granite is reinforced with a woven fiberglass backing which allows the slab to flex without breaking.

Why wouldn’t we just tear out our counter tops?

Tearing out your counter tops is costly and may cause collateral damage to your cabinets and surrounding areas. Counter tops provide added strength to cabinets in the same manner that drywall adds strength to framed walls. CRS Granite is light weight, and will not cause stress damage to existing cabinets that were not designed to handle the excessive weight of 1 ¼” (3cm) granite counter tops.

What benefits does engineered stone offer that granite does not?

None; there is no substitution for the durability and diamond like quality of a pure natural granite counter top. It’s like comparing a rhinestone or zircon to a real diamond. For years, engineered stone has had a huge price competitive advantage over the 2cm and 3cm (1 ¼”) granite industry, until now.

How does granite resist stains compared to engineered stone?

When engineered stone becomes stained, or fades due to sunlight UV rays, it is ruined. Pure natural granite will not fade or become permanently stained. If in the event something inadvertently penetrated into the pores of the stone, it is simply removed by using soap and water or an absorbent chemical.

Does granite hold or promote bacteria growth?

Pure granite is not difficult to clean, and is comparable to stainless steel when it comes to sanitation! Research has shown that due to it’s smooth diamond like finish, natural granite was the least likely counter top material to hold bacteria. You are safer to own a natural granite or stainless steel than any other products available.

Should I just bring in the measurements of my kitchen to obtain a price quote?

No; we take pride in delivering quality service and will come to your home to present you a “firm price” quote. Any reputable counter top company would do the same, to ensure you are given the best price without adding on additional costs during the installation. Remember, unless your counter top in your home has been measured by a professional installer, you do not have a final price!

How hard is it to reseal granite and how often does it need to be done?

Sealing or resealing natural granite is as simple as applying polish to your furniture. CRS-Granite requires less sealing because our stones are thinner combined with the fiberglass backing which slows the evaporation processes over time. How often depends on the colour of the stone, but normally we recommend every two years for our counter tops, compared to ¾” once a year, or 1 ¼” every 6 months.

Can we cut on our granite or set a hot pan on it?

You can cut on granite, but since it is nearly has hard as a diamond you may want to spare dulling your sharp knives or damaging expensive cutlery. Be careful when setting a hot pan on your granite due to the fact that stone holds heat and remains hot to the touch for a period of time.

Will our counter top have a seam?

Our goal is to install every counter without a seam to reduce the time during the installation, however, if the piece exceeds 8.5 feet (102 inches), by 4 feet (48 inches) in an “L” or “U” shape configuration it will require a seam. If a seam is required, it is often no wider than a razorblade, compared to full thickness granite that normally requires a 1/8 inch gap or more, because they require sufficient separation to pack the stone adhesive deep enough between the two pieces to prevent the seam from separating over time.

Is CRS Granite counter tops radon safe?

Historically high levels of radon gas were found coming from home foundations, however, more recent cases are now being reported from installations of ¾” and 1 ¼ thick granite countertops, but because our granite slabs are much thinner our product is radon safe.

How do I learn more?

Click here to schedule your free in-home consultation. If you are just starting to develop your budget, where you are just looking for a rough idea on costs, feel free to e-mail a few pictures of your project with a brief description, and one of our design experts will be happy to e-mail an estimate within 48 hours. Estimates will include a summary of all costs, order lead time, how long the installation will take, and payment terms to help you plan effectively.  

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