Granite Overlay Countertop Solutions


Every homeowner deserves a granite countertop. Now the solution has arrived with our exclusive granite overlay called SmartStone. 


It is more affordable than thicker granite countertops without sacrificing quality, shine, durability or the hassles of tearing out the old counter! 


With more than 2000 installation site across Southern, Ontario, SmartStone is changing the Granite Countertop Industry one Customer at a time for the following reasons:



SmartStone Colour Options

Granite countertops bring a sophisticated, luxurious appearance to any kitchen, bathroom or design project. SmartStone comes in many colours, each piece of granite used is unique, with a wide variety of veins, swirls, and crystal patterns. Sunlight dances off small crystals, resulting in minute changes in the appearance, adding to the overall richness and the ambiance to any space.



Installation Videos By Colour

With the right granite colour, you can transform your kitchen or bathroom counter in one day. Neutral tones like browns and beiges are the safest bets. Blacks give a classy and elegant look. Some people prefer the busy 'stony' pattern while some like it plain and solid. Take a tour of our SmartStone installations to see how a new granite countertop dramatically improves the space. 



Decorative Edge Options

After choosing the colour, the next decision is to pick an edge profile. Our most popular edge is a 3/8 inch round over, waterfall design which is standard with SmartStone countertops. If you are looking for decorative edging options, we encourage you to have a look at our collection. No matter what edge you decide on, your countertop will be the envy of all your friends and house guests. 



Template & Installation

A template of your existing countertop is us used to build a granite cap that fits over your existing counter in less than a day. It’s like a granite veneer. SmartStone counter tops are manufactured and installed with within 1 – 2 weeks. Installs are coordinated by our Service Manager who understands your time is important to you, and dates do not change which tends to be a rare event compared to others. 



Care Instructions

SmartStone counters require less care because the granite surface is cut from the highest quality available, and are virtually flawless with the least number of defects and inclusions. Simply clean with water and a clear mild dishwashing liquid. Granite overlay counters will not burn, stain, fade or scratch and do not promote bacteria growth by harbouring the germ in pores like synthetic or painted materials do.




SmartStone counters come with a 10 year transferable warranty, which is a great selling feature when it comes time to sell your home. Warranty includes resealing countertops on a need basis, repairing minor chips, touching up caulking, and or removing stubborn marks. Our mission is to ensure your countertop always look their very best, so the people you know call us when it comes time for a new counter. 






On average SmartStone cost about 30 to 50% less because our granite slabs are cut thinner (only 3/8" thick), reinforced with a woven fiberglass backing, allowing us to pass the saving onto Customers compared to thicker granite counters when you are comparing a stone to a stone. Eg: Titanium to Titanium or Black Galaxy Gold to Black Galaxy Gold. 


The strength of our granite overlay, combined with the existing countertop, allows CRS Granite to offer a 10 year transferable warranty. The external downward force needed to break the backing is in excess of 5000 lbs. 


Each granite slab is cut from a Grade "A" Block which means you are buying the highest quality of granite, with the least number of deep scratches, defects, inclusions, and fissures, otherwise, the sheets would fall apart.


SmartStone is like a granite veneer that weighs only 4 lbs per square. By cutting the slabs thinner our granite overlay is considerably lighter, allowing CRS Granite to manufacture and install most kitchen countertops without a seam. 


Our goal is to install every counter without a seam, however, if the piece exceeds 8.5 feet (102 inches), by 4 feet (48 inches) in an “L” or “U” shape configuration it will likely require a seam. If a seam is required, it is no wider than a razor blade.


Caring for a SmartStone granite countertops is simple and requires almost no maintenance. The thicker a granite countertop is the more problematic it becomes with issues such as: Staining, Resealing, Cracking and Damage caused to Floors and Cabinets. It is one of the reasons most granite shops do not warranty countertops beyond 30 days.  


When evaluating granite prices, it is important to compare a stone to a stone, as there are more than 3000 granite colours being mined around the world today. Each colour is priced differently from as low as $40 to $150 per square foot depending on the quality of the blocks, where its mind in the world, yield available in the earth, distance the block must travel to the country that cuts and polishes slabs, combined with the number of inclusions and density of the stone, Just because a slab is expensive, does not mean you are buying a better quality granite, as it depends on a number of factors, such as number of fissures, defects and the fabricators ability to work around them. 


For example: Asterix is one of the most expensive granites available, however, it contains high levels of schist which most fabricators do not know how to work with. Slabs that contain a high concentration of schist are extremely brittle, causing the stone to chip in large chunks and scratches easily. Click here to view the slab colour.


Schist (shĭst), metamorphic rock having a foliated, or plated, structure called schistosity in which the component flaky minerals are visible to the naked eye. Schists are distinguished from the other foliated rocks, slates and gneisses, by the size of their mineral crystals; these are larger than those of slates, being visible to the naked eye, but smaller than those of gneisses, which are coarsely foliated rocks as opposed to finely foliated, or schistose, rocks. As contrasted with the folia of slates, the folia of schists are rough-surfaced and irregular. Schists split readily along their planes of schistosity, like slates along cleavage lines, making it one of the most complex stones to work within the globe.  Knowing the slabs and what is involved to maintain the counter is often misplaced.  


In addition, it is helpful to know that a large percentage of the granite shops around Southern Ontario, are now selling slabs poor cut and polished slabs imported in mass volumes from poor economic Countries, which often come with an artificial polish on the surface to enhance the shine. Homeowners who purchase these poor quality stones are the ones who suffer the most, because the polish wears off within a year due to your cleaning habits or hot pots. The surface often needs to be resealed every 6 months and constant polishing to maintain the counters shine.


Other local granite shops try to sell pre-made counters, again buying in mass volume, because there is no manufacturing involved, giving them an opportunity to promote a low square footage price to attract business. The way to test for an artificial polish is to take a razor blade or knife to the surface of the stone. If the surface scrapes away, you are buying a poor quality polish.


Price shopping for the lowest square footage price is a waste of time, because every slab is unique and every kitchen project is different. Until granite shop has come to your home, the price given over the phone or in a showroom is rarely considered to be firm quote. Add-ons are a common practice after you've put a deposit on the slab, which homeowners unfortunately learn this sales & marketing strategy the hard way. Removing the existing counter, disposal, plumbing and leveling the cabinets are other left up to the homeowners.


Granite shops selling for less than $45 per square foot installed are not likely to stay in business, when you factor in material, overhead, maintaining MOL Health & Safety Act, WSIB, HST and installations costs.


Also, most granite shops do not employ their own installers, which often carries an additional cost of about $10 - $13 per square foot, which leaves no money left over to support a warranty program when things go wrong. Once the installation process starts, the dishwasher, blind corner cabinets and structural strength around the sink always present the biggest challenge for their installers.


Our goal at CRS is to educate and assist the public to the best of our abilities. At the end of the day, we welcome your business when you are ready. 


Thinner is better...


To demonstrate the durability of our exclusive granite overlay slabs, called SmartStone, we have put together a few videos to help the public see why our approach is gaining in popularity over full thickness granite, engineered stone or other solid surfaces.



Eco-Friendly Company


Eco Friendly Company.

As an environmentally conscious company, our exclusive patented granite over-lay countertops are specifically designed for people who are making efforts to be more earth-friendly.

Our approach saves money, time and our environment. Homeowners may now enjoy the natural beauty of real granite, to RENEW life to any surface without settling for look-a-like granite countertops, or sacrificing quality and unmatched durability.


Using only the highest quality of granite, which is mined throughout the globe, our slabs are cut 3/8 inch thick which allow us to make a cap that fits perfectly over an existing counter. No messy tear-outs or disposal of the old counter is involved.


Our landfill sites have enough garbage; therefore, it only makes sense to REUSE what is already there. By cutting our granite slabs thinner, we are only removing 1/3 of our natural granite resources. Drawing less material from the earth reduces the risk of over mining, and fuel consumption transporting finished slabs to North America. As a result, the cost savings is about 30% to 50% when comparing a stone to a stone, cut and polished out of Italy.


Combined with a patented woven fiberglass backing, imported from Italy, our RESURFACING process has successfully eliminated Customer concerns about maintenance, staining, scratching, fading, cracking and or damage caused to floors and cabinets over time, compared to thicker granite countertops.


To demonstrate the benefits of our granite slabs we have created a few videos to help educate the public why our overlay product is gaining in popularity over thicker granites, quartz, engineered stones, and other solid surface countertops.


CRS Granite countertops require little maintenance, because our granite is thinner, giving us the ability to fully saturate the stone with very little sealant. Resealing is often not necessary, but we recommend homeowners should test their stones once every two years as a precautionary measure. Sealing our countertops is covered by a 10 year full service warranty, and takes less than 20 minutes to complete. The reason granites are sealed is to prevent natural oil, and other solvents, from penetrating the stone which may cause it to darken over time. It is not a stain!


As a manufacturing leader, our counters are produced locally using state of the art bridge saws and polishing technology, operating with RECYCLED water and forced air to conserve energy. At the same time, we are protecting the environment from harmful silica dust particulates, which is a well-known problem within the stone industry.


We have also gone thinner to reduce the health risk associated with radon gas emission commonly found in thicker slabs of granite, which is proven to be the second leading cause of lung cancer. For more information on this, please click on the "Radon" Tab above.


CRS Granite countertops require little maintenance, because our granite thinner, giving us the ability to fully saturate and seal our granite with very little sealant. Resealing is often not necessary, but we recommend homeowners should test their stones once every two years as a precautionary measure. Sealing our countertops is covered by a 10 year full service warranty, and takes less than 20 minutes to complete.


As a manufacturing leader, our counters are produced locally using state of the art bridge saws and polishing technology, operating with RECYCLED water and forced air to conserve energy. At the same time, we are protecting the environment from harmful silica dust particulates, which is a well-known problem within the stone industry.

We have also gone thinner to reduce the health risk associated with radon gas emission commonly found in thicker slabs of granite, which is proven to be the second leading cause of lung cancer. 

Radon Gas

 Radon Safe

Another reason why CRS went thinner was to reduce the radon emission found in thicker slabs of granite sold here in Canada. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer which is becoming a hot topic within North America, because home inspectors now have the tools to measure the radon content within the home. Rest assured that CRS slabs have been tested and are considered to be radon safe. 


Historically high levels of radon were often discovered coming from home foundations, however, more cases are now being reported from the installation of ¾ inch (2 cm) and 1 ¼  (3 cm) thick granite countertop installations. 


Testing radon is based on the total amount of gas emission, multiplied by the total square footage of the counter, combined with the total indoor air volume within the space. To perform a radon test you will need to obtain a sample of the granite you plan to purchase.


Thickness and granite colour lots may vary from slab to slab, so it is critical that you collect a sample of the exact thickness, colour and square footage of the countertops to be installed in your home. Samples should be at least 6 inches x 6 inches for accurate results.


There are dozens of laboratories within Southern Ontario that will measure radon gas emissions for around $50 per test sample. EMSL Analytical Inc., who specializes in radon testing is one company we recommend. Located at 10 Falconer Drive, Mississauga, ON L5N 3L8. Phone: 289-997-4602


The process involves placing a piece of granite in a chamber to allow the radon off-gas to be released. This portions of the testing phase takes approximately 15 days in order to allow the radon to go through 4 half lives. Once this is complete, an additional 3 days of radon testing is performed to see what the levels are in the chamber in an effort to calculate the radon concentration. 


The radon concentration is calculated based on a 1 square foot piece of the granite, since people purchase anywhere from 20-50 square feet of granite for a kitchen. By knowing the total amount of square feet needed for a project, it is easy to multiply the radon concentration for a square foot by the total number of square feet for the job to determine the increased radon contribution given off by the countertop. 


The important thing to remember is that a homeowner is not breathing the air coming directly off the granite; it is diluted by the total indoor air volume and will need to be corrected for. 


For example, let's say it is determined that the radon concentration per square foot is 1 pCi/L. The kitchen remodel is going to need 40 square feet of granite to be installed. Multiply 1pCi/L times 40 square feet and the radon contribution is going to be 40pCi/L, which is well above the limit for radon in Canada (200Bq/L or 5.4pCi/L). 


Now you have to account for what the "total indoor air volume" is of the house. If the house is 2000 square feet with 8 foot high ceilings, multiply 2000 times 8 for an indoor air volume of 16,000 litters of air. Divide the 40pCi/L of radon by 16,000 litters of air and you come up with 0.0025pCi of Radon, which is insignificant by most standards. 


As survivors of cancer, we take this matter very seriously, so before dismissing granite counters too quickly, it is important to educate yourself on the risks before making a final decision on what product to purchase.


Granite Overlay - SmartStone Sales Presentation