Granite 3/4 (2cm) - Colours

Granite Installations

There are approximately 3000 granite colours being mined around the world today. Prices range from $40 to $150 per square foot depending on where the blocks are minded in the globe, combined with yield available in the earth, number of inclusions, density of the stone, country that is cutting and polishing the slabs, and fabricator's abilities.

Consummers who purchase poor quality granites due to a low square footage price, thinking they are saving money, are the ones who are complaining the most, because they did not do enough research. At CRS, we are committed to educating the public on the differences, offering the highest quality and largest colour selection available in the market. 

Group A represents our lowest price group, Group H the most, because of the rarity of the stone, where it is mined in the global, number of inclusions, density, etc. To view completed installs in a specific colour, click the sample box below:

Light Granite Countertops - Before & After Playlist 


Medium Granite Countertops - Before & After Playlist 


Dark Granite Countertops - Before & After Playlist


Bathroom Vanity - Before & After Playlist