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Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

A full scale Kitchen remodeling project allows you to create the perfect work space that caters specifically to your unique lifestyle, without sacrificing functionality, colours or door styles.

Before planning to remodel, it is important to decide how much you can afford to invest, so that our designers may advise you on what is feasible and what is not, drawing from years of experience designing Kitchens. The more you share with us about your lifestyle, wants, needs, likes, dislikes, the better our chances are for Creating the Dream Kitchen you Want and the price you can Afford.

Our qualified Kitchen Design Professionals know the latest trends, and understand the importance of your budget, minimizing the disruption within the house.

To collect inspiration, we encourage you to take a tour of our before & after videos of renovation projects we've done for other customers, just like you. Also, clip pages from Home Decorating magazines and keep a file folder with pictures of what you like. The clearer your ideas are going into the project, the easier the planning is from conception to completion.


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Why Reface Instead of Replacing Your Cabinets?

Refacing costs about 40% less than replacing cabinetry, orders are manufactured within 2 - 3 weeks, transforming your kitchen in just a few days, without shutting down the heart of the home or living through a full scale demolition. 

It’s like giving your kitchen a facelift without interrupting your busy lifestyle. The process involves keeping the existing cabinet structure in place, and replacing worn door & drawer faces, covering exposed surfaces and installing new hardware.

With a cabinet reface the savings helps Home Owners purchase new countertops, sink, faucets, glass doors, crown moulding, light and window valances to update the kitchen under $7000.

Modifying existing cabinets or adding new cabinets, combined with installing pull-outs, is also available to improve the functionality and complete the kitchen transformation at an attractive price. 

For do-it-yourself minded people, we sell cabinet refacing installation kits which is appealing to the adventurous or amateur carpenters. Reface kits, includes doors, drawer faces and all the material needed, including how to instruction videos to help update the kitchen on your own.


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Why Recolour Instead of Refacing Your Cabinets?

Cabinet recolouring is the most economical way to freshen up your kitchen, or bathroom, providing you are happy with the existing door style and cabinetry layout.

For the longest time cabinet recolouring has been a “DO-IT-YOURSELF” project, spread over several weekends, that typically produced unpredictable results, sore arms, and messy cleanups.

Most people today do not have time, patience or skill to take on a cabinet recolouring project, so it only makes sense to explore this option when talking to our Design Consultant. 


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Before and After Resurfacing

Why Resurface Instead of Replacing Your Counter?
Granite has been used for indoor and outdoor applications for centuries, simply because the surface has the highest heat tolerance, does not scratch, fade from direct sunlight, or disintegrate under acidic conditions.  
Investing in a granite countertop will provide years of enjoyment, without loosing its resale value when it comes time to sell your Home. Property owners shy away from buying granite countertops simply due to price, weight and misguided information about granite. 
As a Kitchen Renovation Innovator, our exclusive granite overlay, called SmartStone, costs less, weighs less, and covers over your existing countertop, or any flat surface, without sacrificing quality, shine, durability or the hassles of messy tear outs. 
With more than 2000 installation sites throughout Southern, Ontario, SmartStone is changing the Granite Countertop Industry one Customer at a time.


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Granite Overlay Counters

Granite overlay

SmartStone is natural granite cut thinner reinforced with a woven fibreglass backing, which is made into a cap that fits over an existing countertop, or any flat surface. Installations are done in one day, or less, at a fraction of the cost of thick granite. Granite overlay counters are more durable; require less maintenance, adding very little weight to the existing cabinetry.

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Quartz Overlay Counters

Quartz overlay countertops

As leading countertop innovator, we provide the same overlay process as our granite, but Quartz is used instead, cut half inch thick, which is used to make a cap that covers over an existing countertop, or any flat surface. Consumers who are considering to buy engineered stone, or other man-made resurfacing products, choose our overlay Quartz because edges and undermount sinks look more attractive. 

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Granite Countertops

Quartz Countertops

No other counter matches the beauty, durability or resale value of a granite countertop. With approximately 3000 granite colours being mined around the world, each and every piece of granite used is unique, coming in a wide variety of veins, swirls, and crystal patterns. Our Design Consultants will help you find a colour to compliment your personality, cabinetry, flooring and age of the home.

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Quartz Countertops

Beautiful Quartz countertops

Comprised of 93% quartz, and almost an endless selection of colours, from Caesarstone and DuPont Zodiaq, our Quartz countertops provide a perfect solution for Customers looking for a specific colour that is not available in natural granite. Combining rich, distinctive esthetics with unmatched performance quartz is suited for commercial and residential indoor applications.

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Solid Surface Countertops

Solid Surface Countertops

Consumers looking for design versatility to create almost any shape, or who is in search of stylish inlays with virtually invisible seams, and or endless edging or colour options, turn to Solid Surface. Made of 100% acrylic resins, nonporous material, and uniform colour throughout, makes Solid Surface the perfect countertop solution for residential homeowners, interior designers, architects and or builders.

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Laminate Countertops

people love our countrtops

Most familiar of all kitchen countertop materials, because it is affordable, versatile, dependable, easy to live with, and it looks terrific. Extensive palette of well-chosen solid colours, wood-grains, patterns, and wide range of appealing tactile finishes. Decorative edges are also available to dress up your countertop even more, without spending a fortune. Laminate countertops are famous for easy care.




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Granite Countertops aren't just a dream, CRS Granite can make them a reality, we have cost effective solutions for every type of Granite, Quartz and Laminate countertops. CRS Granite installs SmartStone granite countertops in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, London and surrounding areas of Ontario in a day or less.

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